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What to expect

 It will take approximately four appointments to fabricate your new dentures, these appointments will be as follows:

Your first appointment: Free Consultation

 At your first appointment with Mr. Lima, you will discuss what type of denture is best for you.  A quote will be given to you.  If you decide to go ahead with your treatment plan, your impressions will be taken.  A second appointment will be scheduled at the same time.

Appointment 2: Bite Registration and Tooth Select

For your second appointment Mr. Lima will have made a bite block for you.  A bite registration is taken, which will determine where the teeth will be placed, and together you will choose the most suitable tooth color, size and shape which will be added to your denture. An Appointment will be made for the following week.

Appointment 3: Try-in

 During your 3rd appointment you will be able to visually see what your new dentures will look like. This appointment is the most important step in the fabrication of your new denture. At this time, Mr Lima will check for:

  • Your proper occlusion (contact between teeth) and bite

  • Appearance of the teeth and denture in relation to your whole face

  • Color and shape of the teeth to blend with your complexion

  • Phonetics (speech sounds), a very important part of fabricating a denture

We would encourage you to bring a relative or friend to the appointment, they will be able to give their opinion of your new denture. In the event something is not satisfactory, changes will be made to suit your needs. If necessary, you may decide at this time to have one more appointment (2nd Try-in) to view your new denture after adjustments have been made.

Appointment 4: Insert


This is the day you have been waiting for, your new denture is ready!

At this time your occlusion/bite will be checked again. You may feel minor irritation or pressure points which we will relieve at this time. You may find some differences in your speech for a few days after receiving your new dentures. Don’t worry, you will soon adjust to the changes in your mouth. Please note that if can take up to 2 weeks for your mouth to adjust to your new dentures.

Sam Lima and his team, would like to thank you for trusting us with your denture needs!

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